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Thursday, August 3rd, 2017 saw the official announcement from FC Barcelona that Neymar’s representatives have paid the €222m buyout fee for the Brazilian star to terminate his contract with the club.

It has sparked a huge debate amongst football fans all over the world regarding the fee, the ambitions of modern day footballers and many other food-for-thought topics in the game.

Later that day, the 25-year-old joined French side Paris Saint Germain for a fee that truly blows Paul Pogba’s deal out the water, and he will be earning over £780k per week before tax (excluding his huge sponsorship endorsements/deals).

The situation where a player of Neymar’s magnitude wants to move away from the Nou Camp is very rare, especially considering the amount of success he had playing alongside Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez.

So what would Neymar need to do to achieve “success” at new club PSG? How well can he adapt to French football? Can he become the worlds greatest?

I decided to jump into Football Manager to find out, using a database updated as of August 3rd, 2017 thanks to SortItOutSI, a Football Manager forum where fans contribute to constantly updating the database to match real time.

The sim will start in season 16/17 but with the up-to-date database, and I shall simulate three seasons to see how much he can achieve in that time…

Click on the arrow to see how the next three seasons will go…

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