The German playmaker has been making the back pages again this week after it was reported he turned down a deal to China last summer. However, in his latest biography, he stated that the deal was “tempting and interesting” though he said football’s not all about the financials and it’s not something he would seriously consider.

The playmaker has also had a lot of criticism of late after not impressing in the Gunner’s big games and his body language being an issue with fans, which he also talked about in his book:

“There will always be criticism and there will always be praise. But what matters is what the manager tells me. I have said that numerous times. But what I can’t understand is when people say: ‘Look, he does not push anymore’ or ‘He does not run enough’. If you look at my numbers you can see I run a lot and I show a good attitude.

Mesut’s future at the Emirates is uncertain, with the player’s contract expiring next summer. The player has previously mentioned that where he plays next season depends on the Arsenal manager’s future, which is also set to be decided. The German international has asked for a new and improved contract, though it’s not quite up to Alexis’s demands of £300,000 a week and is set to start talks with the club soon.

It’s set to be a busy summer in terms of Arsenal transfer news with both big names Alexis and Ozil’s future uncertain and lesser names such as Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s future uncertain as well.


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