About Us

Bread and Butter Football. From a simple phrase, common in the Footballing game, comes a simple idea. A website for you to spread your football views to football fans all over the world.

The idea came about on the 12th July 2012, mainly because we both love talking and discussing football.We thought, why not make it into a website and see what other people think? Amazing idea, and here we are! Your very own portal and platform, for you, the footballing fans to write your articles and views about your favourite team, your favourite player, a transfer story or a match report and get it read and interacted with by an audience of football fans!

As the months passed, the website evolved. It grew bigger on a social level, gained more users and with that came more page views. This allowed us to craft the website more and more into the initial vision that we both shared, and day by day, it’s getting there. So even if you are not confident in writing articles, you can always leave your mark on the comments section of each article. It’s your own online football social network. You can have the conversations that you’d normally have in the pub before the game, but from the comfort of your own home, or at work, or on the bus.

The content is created by you! The football fans.

In the News

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Ranked 8th Football Blog in UK – football-blogs-uk-top-10

The Achievements

  • Shout out on Twitter by Nick Powell Sky News Sports Reader in 2012
  • Mentioned on ‘The Extra Time’ Podcast in 2012
  • Got ‘BBFootballUK’ trending in Liverpool on Twitter in 2012
  • Apart of NewsNow.co.uk Network in 2013
  • Joined Football Blogging Network in 2015
  • Finalist in 2015 Football Blogging Awards for Established Blog
  • Joined Snack Media in December 2015