The fans have taken to the streets in recent weeks as 6,000 Seasiders marched along the seafront in protest against the way the club is run. More than just Blackpool fans were in protest in solidarity with the fans before they played their final match of the season against Leyton Orient.

The fans anger at the owners all started back when the club was in the Premier League, certainly the most successful days for the club. From the heights of the first division, the club has been on a rapid decline and now find themselves in league one, with all fingers pointing towards the owners.

Although the fans once loved the owners when they bought the club for only a £1, saving them from liquidation. Since then, the lack of investment in playing staff and training facilities have since angered the fans. The owners have also been accused of taking money out of the club and funnelling it into their other business ventures.

This was shown after Karl Oyston paid his father £11m from the club funds and distributed £26m to other Oyston owned companies. He’s also allegedly called supporters derogatory names and took legal action against fans when they have slated him.

With no end in sight for the fans the only option they have is to try and buy out the club, but with the valuation at £16m, it will be a long time till the fans see any positive Blackpool FC News.


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