Bread and Butter Football Layout and Style Guide

how-to-guideWrite in short paragraphs (usually one, at most two sentences). It all depends on your style whether your sentences are longer to be insightful or shorter so it reads easier.

  • Avoid using “I” in your piece unless you’re using an anecdote.
  • Write in the past tense unless quoting.
  • Do not put intros in bold.
  • Write out first name and surname at first mention. After that only use surname.
  • Use double return to show paragraph breaks in your pieces.
  • Avoid using apostrophes unless using it in terms of possession. Instead of saying don’t write out do not, instead of using wouldn’t write would not.
  • Write in the past tense unless quoting.
  • One to nine are words; 10 and above are figures – except when expressing percentages (1%, 99% etc).
  • Punctuate quotes correctly. Use a colon before introducing a quote, double speech marks and a full stop inside. For example… Jose Mourinho said: “I am a special one.”
  • If a quote goes over one line, then after each sentence, finish it with a full stop and when you’re finished quoting use a full stop as well as a closed speech mark. For example…Jose Mourinho said: “Please do not call me arrogant because what I am saying is true.“I am a European Champion and I think I am a special one.”
  • Use UK not US spellings.
  • Compound words are hyphenated:, first-half equaliser etc unless first word is an adverb.
  • Dates are written January 1, 2016, not 1 January 2016: do not use 23rd, 14th, 2nd or 1st.
  • Do not start sentences with numbers, unless you can easily write the number in full.
  • Ages are written like this, eight-year-old.
  • Check all names are spelt correctly before publishing.