After three years spent in Napoli, Higuain decided that it is time for a change and he has selected Juventus as a bigger and more successful club. At the same time, the management of Juventus believed that this is the right player that can bring them success both in the Italian Premier League and in the Champions League. The fact is that their team was great before Higuain came, but they needed a good striker to make their team even better. Now, after almost one season, it seems that they have made the right move.

Higuain is a top centre-forward who doesn’t break under pressure. After last night’s match, their chances of winning the Champions League have increased.


Many loyal fans of Juve were a little bit sceptical when it comes to Higuain. Some of them said that he should not be in the first team on the match against Monaco even though Higuain was extremely efficient in the Serie A with 23 goals in 24 games. However, one of the most successful Italian clubs didn’t spend over 90 million Euros to get another domestic star. People who were against Higuain had also reminded other fans that when he was playing for Real Madrid, this team had appalling results in the Champions League and he was unable to score many goals even though he was mostly part of the first team. They have expected that the same thing will happen when he starts playing for Juventus.

It is interesting that Higuain played 48 times for Real Madrid in the Champions League and scored just nine goals, two of which were scored in knockout games. One of these goals was scored against Galatasaray and one of them against CSKA Moscow in games that were already decided.

A similar thing was happening this season when he started playing for Juventus. Namely, while the group stage was still one, he scored three goals in six games which are not bad. However, two of these goals were against Dinamo Zagreb, a team that conceded lots of goals. When the knockout phase started, things have changed. Higuain was not only inefficient against Porto; he was barely visible on the field. The matches against Barcelona were better, but Higuain was still not giving his best. In fact, he missed some great scoring opportunities for his team.

Luckily, when the match in Monte Carlo started, Higuain gave the performance that only his most loyal fans expected. He scored two crucial goals that will probably bring Juventus to the finals. Higuain now has five goals in ten matches in the Champions League which is his record in this competition. What’s even better is that he has shown the world that he can shine even in important, big games and the match against Monaco was certainly one of them.

Higuain defeats Monaco

The performance of Higuain on this match was perfect. Some say that it was so good that it deserves to be part of some slots online machine.

Higuain himself didn’t hide his excitement after the match. He said that he did his best to stay calm and disciplined and that his efforts made a difference. He also pointed out that the job is still not done and that he will give 100% of his energy and knowledge in the home match.

Monaco fans were focused on Kylian Mbappe, a teenager that has contributed to Monaco’s journey to the semi-finals. However, the experience defence line of Juventus and the incredible Gigi Buffon didn’t let Mbappe shine.

It is evident that Juventus had special tactics that helped them neutralise Mbappe. When Andrea Barzagli appeared among the first eleven, many people were confused, but this helped them have an extra man that would stick to Falcao and Mbappe.

This is the main reason why Monaco looked so desperate on the match. They had just a couple of chances, and that was all. Falcao, Mbappe, Thomas Lemar and Bernardo Silva couldn’t find their way to the goal, and the entire team looked passive. Apparently, Max Allegri, the successful Juventus coach has found the right tactics for Monaco.

Another thing that we should mention is that Dani Alves had a slightly different role against Monaco, He had the freedom to use the right side and clash with Djibril Sidibe which allowed him to assist the attackers. As we all know, Higuain’s first goal was a result of a move made by Dani Alves. The second goals were also made possible thanks to Dani Alves. He made a perfect cross, and Higuain just had to move his leg forward for another great goal.

Higuain and the entire team of Juventus are in a great shape, so it won’t be a surprise if they win this year’s Champions League.



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