Well; what a 2018 it has been! Not only for Liverpool but for the man featured in this post. Virgil Van Dijk; has to go down as one of the best (yes I know he has not won anything yet, but I think he will)

People do annoy me on social media; at the height of his transfer, it was all’ wow he is overrated, expensive, not good enough (from opposition fans) now it’s well he hasn’t won anything yet… Would he get the same accolades and plaudits if he went into the City side that was in cruise control last season and won? Most likely not; he has turned the whole Liverpool side defensively around like pressing a reset button.

Now let’s look at some stats. Not only can he outpace anyone in the premier league (so can Gomez by the way) he can do pretty much anything

Virgil van Dijk for Liverpool in the Premier League since his debut:

Most touches (2,846)

Most minutes (2,845)

Most passes (2,471)

Most duels won (213)

Most clearances (173)

Most aerial duels won (155)

Most interceptions (38)

Most shots blocked (13)

Not bad for individual stats but what about for team stats?

Let us look at 2017 league table (just 2017)

Liverpool played 40 Premier League Matches

Won 20

Drew 14

Lost 6

Conceded 45

and had an overall position of 6th with 74 points.

Now into 2018, this is somewhat remarkable (still 2 home games to play for Liverpool too)

Liverpool played 35 (2 to play)

Won 25

Drew 7

Lost 3

Conceded 21 (best defence)

The overall position of 2nd with 82 points.

That is somewhat remarkable, not to mention the final appearance in the Champions League in May 2018.

So at £75m (technically nothing if you take into consideration the sale of Coutinho which funded him and Allison)

As one man; it has been a breath of fresh air to Liverpool fans being able to watch their team in comfort and not having to worry about conceding 4 goals having to be in front with 3 goals and a wall in front of a very shaky keeper.

When you look at the current table for the 2018/2019 season, can Liverpool beat the best defence record? We shall find out in May…


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