Every week is the same, opinion clashing with fact is what makes football great but refereeing ‘opinion’ has the power to ruin a perfectly good match.

It’s highly frustrating but while fans get over the defeat or draw because of refereeing, but it could be the difference between automatic promotion and the uncertainty of the playoffs, or survival in the league and relegation from it.

Decisions wrongly given are becoming too frequent to be ignored, week in week out poor decisions are being made, and it’s time for a change. In a time where technology is controlling every decision of some sports, video replay in rugby for example.

It’s about time that things changed. It’s about time football, one of the most valuable sports in the world, catches up with technology. Video replay would be an incredible transformation. Another referee watching the game back and picking up on incidents, reviewing events to get them right.

The only disadvantage for the FA, in my opinion, would be the cost. It would be incredibly expensive for the Premier League and Football League, but in my opinion would be totally worth it.

The use of more technology does have the ability to slow down a game; it could break up the flow of a match. This, however, would only be temporary as the more referees, and officials can clamp down on things like diving, handball, grappling in the box and any off ball incidents the less likely they are to happen because players know they will be caught out for it.

We’ve come so far to introduce goal-line technology in the Premier League, now it’s time for another big change, to prevent incidents as we saw in the Nottingham Forest vs. Newcastle fixture. Newcastle had two players sent off, they then lost the fixture, before both bans being lifted after successful appeals. I’m not saying the referee got the decision wrong, but in important games, decisions being checked would make a huge impact on the result.

The time for change is as soon as possible, even if to stop the abuse referees face for doing what is arguably the hardest job in the game,


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