Question yourself this! Why dont you want to write about football and publish it into the footballing world? Sounds daft doesn’t it.

Why do we write about football? Football is a love, it is an unhealthy obsession which runs the life of men and women a like when the referees whistle goes on any game. You swear at the tele, you punch things and you hug a complete stranger! Yet to some people it is just a ball of leather been kicked around a football pitch. I can assure you it is much more than that!

It’s amazing how many people want to be a journalist.We are looking for aspiring journalists giving them platform to succeed.

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There is a massive amount of football knowledge that is waiting to be shared out by you. The people. Why read what journalists read? Why not make it yourself from a true fan! So you want to gain a following and satisfaction that you have your say? We have a big satisfaction from running this website for you. The footballing fan base!

We have:

  • Qualified journalists
  • Student journalists
  • Football fans

We cater for all things football such as:

  • Creditable news stories
  • Creditable transfer stories
  • Match previews
  • Match reports
  • Football opinions
  • Professional articles on coaching, nutrition and recovery

Oh and did I say. All leagues, clubs and personnel providing its football?

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