We want to know how we have helped you so we can display it to hopefully help other people. As a brand we want to offer you a platform to be known as a writer.

You can do this by two ways with us. You can submit an article which is a free to use text format, got an existing blog? Does not matter. Copy and paste the content in the box, add your URL at the bottom.

We also have the Writers’ Academy. This searches your latest posts from your Website/Blog, our system displays it on a page and publishes it on our social media channels.

But choose for yourself. Here is some feedback we have received via Twitter and by valued members of our website.

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The Football Writer: Bread and Butter Football was the first website I started to write for after starting my blog, and I can honestly say they have been the best. They’ve provided a great platform for my work, but perhaps even more so is the confidence they’ve given me. They make you feel welcome no matter how (in)experienced you are with your writing; they just want people who are passionate about football, and they’ll get your words out there. Throw in the fact they’re so easy to contact, and the ease in getting your content posted, I want to write for their site more than others who can be far more picky and difficult to deal with. Cheers lads; your help has been really appreciated! Roll on the new season!

Yodasmog – Regular + WOM for March 16:  So glad to have found a home at Bread And Butter Football. To see reading figures the level of which I have never seen before is a tribute to the work the lads have put in to building a brand. Easy to submit; even easier given the editorial input (sense checking!), and some great guidance on improving both the quality and content of articles as well. Can’t wait for 2016/17.

GSD: So Bread And Butter Football helped me because they were a path to experiencing new things on my small blog, the viewing figures on their site were incredibly rewarding and helped me strive to keep working hard to produce better articles to achieve more views. Leading to a better quality of articles to been seen by more people, enabling so many opportunities for my small football blog

Taxi_For_Maicon– Regular : Bread and Butter Football are an excellent platform for amateur writers and fans to get their articles and opinions out to a huge number of readers. They make small bloggers feel a welcome part of their contributing community and provide them with the advice and the opportunity to hone their style and ultimately improve their writing. Not only that but the layout of the site is great and you get a real kick out of writing a good post and seeing it on the front page as the views tick up.

JJ16 – Regular: Bread & Butter Football have provided such a great platform for writers whatever their experience of writing may be allowing for the creation of such a brilliant community run website where everyone loves doing the same thing – writing about football! Being such a professionally run website gives writers the chance to showcase their work not only to friends and family but even potential employers. Many other websites will be picky about who they let write for them but B&B are different and that’s what makes them stand out.