Of course we have not actually been able to quantify loyalty; so this is not intended on being a scientific answer. But based on reputation and presence at games, we have a good idea of who we think are some of the league’s most dedicated football fan clubs. If you love online games as much as you love your footie team, you should definitely play top quality casino games at Royal Vegas. They have a variety of games; everything from poker to roulette. But most notably, football fans will love their footie themed video slots that really pay homage to the game we all love. So here are some of the most dedicated football fan clubs out there.

Manchester United 

Man. United fans definitely have a reputation of being a bit rowdy; but you cannot fault them on their dedication and commitment to their team. That is one thing for sure! They also sell the most amount of merchandise compared to other teams –so that also speaks to how much people want others to know that they support the team, and that they are willing to spend money on such items too. And Manchester United does not only sell run of the mill merchandise; they also sell some funnier items too. These include pacifiers, rubber ducks, and disposable razors among other truly unique and bizarre things! But as much as this may make you laugh; the merchandise is selling; showing that fans will buy just about anything with their team’s branding on it!


How can you deny that Barcelona fans are not loyal and dedicated when every Barcelona fan you meet owns their own Messi shirt! Messi’s footie shirt is at the top of the list for the most popular and most sold football shirt replica. Barca fans are also well-known for their presence on game days in the stadium.

AFC Wimbledon 

Here is a football team where the fans are at the heart and centre of the club itself. Back in 2002 Wimbledon FC was unfortunately relocated to Milton Keynes. As a result of this relocation, they were also rebranded as the MK Dons.  But the original Wimbledon fans were not happy about the move so far from their home, and they felt like the new club, the MK Dons were not a good legacy for the team they originally loved and supported so fervently. As a result, AFC Wimbledon was created to fill this need. The club started in the 9th tier and through hard work, accompanied by supportive and dedicated fans, they are now a 4th tier team in League Two.


If you have ever been to a game at Anfield, you will know why Liverpool rightly deserves a place on this list! When you hear the fans belt out ‘You’ll never walk alone’ before the game, you will be able to feel the dedication in the air. Also, given that Liverpool has not been so widely successful in the past while, you can tell that their fans are loyal as their support has not decreased in numbers through the tough periods they had.


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