Tough tackling, gruelling midweek fixtures, pure grit, determination and hard graft are just a few things the Raw Football podcast delivers. A bit like a postman, except this is a podcast. Anyway, It’s time to talk about the purist’s game. Non-League and League 2 English football. Tune out of The Champions League podcast, as you sit there with your prawn sandwich. Pick up a pie and mash, and blare out the Raw Football podcast instead, where you can reconvene and listen to real stories, told by real people, who maybe even have under 10k Twitter followers?

As this blog has been running for over a year now, I have finally got to the point where I am at College, and have more time to invest in Raw Football. Podcasts sure are pretty fricking popular right now, and all you need is a phone to get involved, so I figured why the hell not! I’m looking to extend the brand to some extent with this podcast, and work in conjunction with writing on the site, to provide a more regular and engaging product. I will be working with Tip TV to release the podcast on their already well established Audioboom account, which can be found by visiting the Audioboom website or app. Tip TV are a tipster company from London, offering advice in finance and sports betting. They host their own Youtube channel, which must be checked out. I look forward to working with them to release my material, and develop the Raw Football brand and website over the next few months.

The plan, is to release the podcast every Tuesday at 6. It will sometimes be accompanied by an article, much like this one, but more often a small description. If you head over to my Twitter: @tomblack2000 I’ll be leaving the link on there, but the podcast will also be hosted on my site in the first few weeks. Whether you’re listening at home, in the office or on your commute there’s plenty of time to tune into Raw Football, which will only be up to 20 minutes long.


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