Walsall FC are a club that nobody really expects many things from, one of them teams that are an average outfit. How wrong they are this season. With a player that has had an international call up and surely paving a way into an international career.

The players that are coming through the ranks at Walsall only breeds positivity for the fans, with the likes of Romaine Sawyers, Bradshaw Henry outlines the way that Walsall are aiming for the top.

The frugal transfer of Tom Bradshaw at a minimal price shows the high level of scouting at the club. The price rumoured to be under a million then shows the impact he could have if Walsall get promoted and can possibly get far more in return. The scouting team at Walsall just improves with the free transfer of Sawyers from West Bromwich Albion, clearly indicates the wasted talent that are in the premier league.

This season has surpassed most fans predictions with only one game left and being third in League One meaning that they surely have to fight for promotion through the play-offs with teams like Bradford City, Millwall, and one unconfirmed team in the play-offs (5/05/16).

The team could be in for a windfall of excess of £20 million plus (just an average as the money hasn’t been confirmed) this means that a club like Walsall can surely confirm championship stability with the players. (If the players stay at the club).

Overall, the season for Walsall shows that most clubs, with a little of transfer know-how, can do the same that Walsall have completed.


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