Blackburn Rovers, Premier League winners of 1994/1995 and now the first Premier League champion to be relegated to League One. What went wrong with the once Premier League champions?

Blackburn never had as much success as they did in the early 90’s but it started to go really wrong for the club in 2010 when Venkey’s London Ltd. bought the club. In the first season under the ownership of the Venkey’s, Blackburn managed to stay up even after sacking Sam Allerdyce in December 2010 and replacing him with Steve Kean even though the Venkey’s admitted to wanting to appoint Diego Maradona as the manager.

The Venkey brothers had to be advised at first on how to make a football transfer before making audacious bids for Ronaldinho and David Beckham in January 2011. They then decided to give Steve Kean a new contract despite having the worst win percentage in the clubs history. The owners then admitted that they didn’t know or realise that relegation existed in the Premier League. They would in the 2011/2012 season though as Kean lead Blackburn into the Championship finishing 19th in the table.

Since this, Blackburn have had 8 different managers in 5 seasons, attendances for home games at Ewood Park have dropped by a stagerring 70% and have only spent a combined £250,000 over the last 4 transfer windows with debts of more than £100,000,000 yet to pay off.

You could easily make an argument that the Venkey brothers are largely to blame for the clubs fall with their poor managerment of pretty much every aspect of the club.


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